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Your Silver Medal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Perpetual Second

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TCOL? [Jul. 19th, 2006|12:11 am]
The Perpetual Second
[music |Will Hustedde "Space Lion"]

Yes indeed. I'm not linking to all the previous sections as this is a quick update. You can find them at the entry from August 28th 2005.

here it is thenCollapse )
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Discount! [Jul. 16th, 2006|10:10 pm]
The Perpetual Second
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |Rush "Limelight"]

So my parents will pay $200 for Golf repairs, meaning that I have to pick up the slack.

Seeing as I spent the whole $1000 to repair it after I nailed that mini-van, 50 bucks is gravy. Superbly prepared gravy poured upon the finest mashed potatoes life has to offer. Cheeky.
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Loan Shark? [Jul. 14th, 2006|11:16 pm]
The Perpetual Second
[mood |goodgood]
[music |Frank Capp Juggernaut "Soft as Velvet"]

According to LT Walter, the Golf is repairable for $250. It does merit consideration...
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Borrowed Time [Jul. 13th, 2006|09:21 pm]
The Perpetual Second
[Current Location |My room, Hustedde home]
[mood |depressedHighly displeased]
[music |Yoko Kanno "Blue"]

But it seems however that my credit has run out.

So was turning onto I-74 this morning on the way to work and suddenly I hear this loud pop. I have no idea what this is, and probably foolishly I keep driving. There there are more pops, at which point I notice that the rear deck appears to be lifting up on the passengers side. At this point I'm on the bridge, not the most convenient place to stop. But I keep going and going and get to work. I look at it when I get there and think "Well this is odd" but I have to go and start working and so forth so I don't think much of it.

Then lunch comes around, at this point I notice that the car has dipped noticeably on the rear passenger side. This looked quite bad, though I hadn't noticed any kind of scraping tire sound in the morning (then again, it is a loud car). So I go back into Valspar and call the father figure to come check it out.

When I get off I meet him out there. Instead of it being something nice and easily dealt with, the wheel well had rusted through. Something more distinct of a repair. Mechanically it actually looks like it's still sound, but without the body integrity in place it really isn't worth much.

So I have to deal with my car being left in Valspar's lot at the moment, will it be repairable, and if not getting it back to the Hustedde Home. Thankfully the summit and bug are available and functional vehicles. But I don't really want to drive those cars. I like the Golf, you look back at the old entries here of when I got the car back after winter or accident repairs and it was always such a joy to drive.

Goddamnit. Now I'm crying, over what is essentially a block of metal and engineering. What a stupid thing to cry over from an outside perspective I'm sure. But to me it sucks, the Golf is my car for all intents and purposes (it's still technically in my parent's name). Sure it was a horrid beast in a manner of speaking. It was smokey, loud, heavy, underpowered for highway use, it's tape deck was long since broken, it got horribly hot in the sun. But it was my car, I spent a good amount of time in the past with a fairly poor selfconcept (something else that I'm sure can be found earlier in this livejournal) and therefore was a horrid little man with a horrid little car made sense. It was an extension of myself so to speak.

I don't know what I'm talking about, I'm just pissed and crying over old cars. At least I cried more and harder before leaving Christina to go through security in the Orlando airport last may. I think that's more good than bad at least. Though probably among the several things in the this e-mail that probably would have been fine without being admitted to.
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Let's make a habit of this two months thing shall we? [Jun. 22nd, 2006|11:17 pm]
The Perpetual Second
[mood |goodgood]
[music |Moxy Fruvous "Jockey Full of Bourbon"]

Of course I don't have a Jazz Band concert this weekend. Though it is young Anthony Frank's 21st birthday. A party I will likely miss, it sounds as though it'll be heavily populated by Iowa City types, people whom I'm sure I'd get along with just fine. But as the other Davenport types are somewhat reticent about going, and as this is a bar party, I'd be more out of my element than I care to be. This is what I get for being the designated designated driver.

And although there is no Jazzing to be done. Jazz horseshittery does abound. I presume that Ambrose will continue to be unable to field a full Big Band again (and of course, if they can I'm out due to Chemistry Lab scheduling) so I will be the music provider/leader of the top combo again. And I'm full of bad music ideas, or good depending on your disposition to all this.

Shadrack will likely seeing a re-emergence (reworked so that it's more straightforward) same with Land of Make Believe. La Mer, Super Mario 2, and Booster Tower are in the works from the lovely world of Video Games. Haitian Fight Song and Hora Decubitis (vocal version) from the Mingus Library. Rush and Space Lion (Space Lion being the huge arrogant end of year feature for myself) from Yoko Kanno. Jockey Full of Bourbon, Land of Oblivion, A Few Good Men, Rubber Biscuit, etc etc. Lots of good songs I claim. It'll be an experience.

Unless of course the big band is back, then I'm hosed.

In the meantime this summer, I'm working at Valspar still. Up to my elbows in paint. Something more literally than others. The stories of Valspar enjoyment tend to be a very vocal thing, so I won't get too much into it here. But I am rather enjoying myself. And I definately enjoy the pay rate.

Of course there is the tradition summer double edgedness. Though to break with tradition, it's not that I'm despondently single and stir crazy. I'm still very much with Christina, and am enjoying it immensely. But she is very much in Florida. Which sucks immensely. I went to Florida with her at the beginning of the summer and met her family and friends and so forth. On the whole I seem to be liked. Or at least not disliked to the level that would bring forth significant undermining of my position. And at the end of the summer I'm flying down there again and am driving back up with her. Should be enjoyable I thinks.

Also later in the summer I need to go Ohioward and visit Mr. Horn. I've been doing a marginal job of keeping in touch with folk'll again, I really ought to work on that.

Oh, and there should be a TCOL coming soon
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And two months later... [Apr. 26th, 2006|11:00 pm]
The Perpetual Second
[Current Location |Dormroom]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |Frank Sinatra "Get Me to the Church on Time"]

Another entry! Just in time to bitch and moan about the Spring jazz combo concert!

Which actually I feel no need to do. There are few things that are bothering me going into this concert, unlike last time. I still think a more uptempo version of A Nightengale Sang in Berkeley Square would be cool, but it works as a ballad, and given how we're playing it I am now able to go get a drink. Mmmm, sodarific. I am surprised that we're doing Mystique, I was sure it was going to be lost in favor of Mercy Mercy Mercy. Shows what I know on occasion. And of course despite the time that went into writing out arrangements I will not be getting credit for it.

But just they wait... I'm full of bad ideas. A few of which I'm perfectly willing to strong arm through.

In other goings on. I'm rapidly approaching the end of the semester, as I can tell by my unwillingness to get up for my 8 o'clock class. However the tasks that remain aren't too bad, revise a paper. Speech on a controversial topic. Seminar on pharmaceutical detection. Tests. On the whole it shouldn't be too horrible. Jazz Appreciation (which hasn't been so good for actually appreciating Jazz, and which I haven't attended since before Easter) is the only class that's likely to have anything approaching a cumulative final.

Valspar has continued to be interesting. There's something up with the current project. There's one sample that came out with some great properties. Another sample that should have been made the same way... is crap. So what the what the hell did I screw up? I don't yet know... and having said this I remember that there is a difference between the samples. Obviously the attempted replacement isn't working so great. Of course what the add will potential do is needed, ah the joys of paint. I will also be working at Valspar this summer, which is pretty sweet if I do say so myself. Also they don't mind that I'm going to be in Florida for a week with the girlfriend. Where I will be judged mercilessly by her Floridan friends and family. It'll be fun!... when not being actively judged.

I also may be moved out of my room at home. Because of the size of the bed in there, or rather lack of size, than any case of me doing something foolhardy and being banished. I have no idea how I'm going to settle my rubbish in the house this summer. I'm sure I'll figure something out, I may still put the computer in my room and pretty much just sleep elsewhere, and without the bed that's more space for things and so forth. It'll work, I suspect.
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This message is approved by 9 out of 10 professional graverobbers [Feb. 21st, 2006|04:18 pm]
The Perpetual Second
[music |America "Lonely People"]

Welp, I think I'm finally truly burned out on playing jazz here at ambrose. I still enjoy listening to it and playing for myself, either actually by myself or against backtracks, continues to amuse. But with the group the joy is over.

Reasonably a good portion of it is my fault. I do expect more than I probably should, these aren't people who have anything close to my background in jazz music. As such the lead sheets and other things I've printed, which while just fine for me given said background, are a problem for them. I've gone as far as to refer to it as being anal about reading what's on the page. And a real inability to adapt.

AABA, if you see the same thing repeated a couple of times, it just might be this. Also it doesn't make sense that there's a bar 57 halfway done a page which previous to that there's been 16. I'm sorry that I set it up so that I could print this all in one go, it was apparently a mistake. But seriously you should know better that to think that's measure fucking 57!

Hit the Road... really if you listen to the track that I assume you've been given, you can pick out those difficult rhythms. Also there's a better way to start it, but by the time we got there I was already checked out for the evening. And the ending... oh god. I should have put that vibe run on not vibes. I don't know what the deal is as Tim on the whole seems to be competent enough to play that run.

Sentimental Journey is more of a ballad, either way it's a semi-slow song. But it drags they say. And when I try to fix something in the rhythms so as to avoid one style of horseshitness it seems to just cause more problems, and more questions than it really should.

Night in Tunisia, again the way I learned it was deemed underpar (though no one said square this time) And the form took far too fucking long to explain. AABA with an interlude that's played ONCE! ONLY ONCE GOD DAMNIT! Solos are just the first two A's (that's sixteen bars for those who don't understand the AABA concept) then BA for the ending. YES IT DOES END ON A. DO NOT REPLAY THE GODDAMN INTERLUDE!

Baby Elephant Walk. Let's cut the solos and play various styles. It's kind of amusing in a stupid "Will doesn't really want to be part of this anymore" way. It would be hilarious to me in the audience, but I'll be on stage.

April in Paris. Likely the only song which is going how I'd like it to. And it's the slow song that's actually being treated as such.

I'm a Woman. It helped that we originally read this earlier than the others. Also it's just a read straight down, no solos or other stupid and confusing jazz conventions.

Caravan. Needs to rock more, we really don't have the crazy cool song to end. Or really just a neat ending song like Land of Make Believe. Believe it or not, land of make believe is pretty straight forward. As is Mystique, if you people could be convinced to listen to the music, maybe pick out your part, know what it's supposed to sound like or some of those rhythms could be picked out. But yes, more straightforward than you seem to think. Yes, the rhythm section is going to cut out at the solos... what do you think.

But again, this is my problem. I take all this for granted. Real people don't listen to jazz on a regular basis. They don't understand the concept of not anally reading their parts in a jazz combo.

Regardless, I'm going back to being a cog. I'm not bringing in music unless asked by presumably Ellen (who will likely have to pick up the slack now) because I'm not having fun. And that's the whole reason I'm there. I'm not getting college credit. I'm not even getting credit for all the work I put into arranging and providing music! "It's not a real arrangement, Will" well then it's reasonable that you could have put it together just as well as me. Probably better because you're not a fucking chem major. Thank god I'm not burned out on chemistry, it at least continues to interest and amuse me.

Well I really should go, I'm late for picking Christina for tonights main events of dinner and the Mingus Big Band in Iowa City.

Don't give up until you drink from the silver cup.
And never take you down or never give you up.
You never know until you try.
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It's raining god damn instruments [Jan. 5th, 2006|10:10 pm]
The Perpetual Second
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |7 Seconds of Love "Winners"]

I think I made mention of the pawnshop tenor and the Manny Lopez bari last time. There's definately some things to be said for both. While I am definately a Bari player, I sound much better on Tenor than I do on Alto. And due to a detaching of the thumb hook on my Bari, the Manny Lopez bari got a trial run for one of the reasons I'd buy it, a bari for when mine is in the shop or otherwise out of commission (it's also lighter) and it performed admirably I'd say. I'll likely use it a bit into the spring semester jazz band season, and make the final decision then.

But wait there's more!

So today my father comes home and he's carrying a case which to first look appears to be a trumpet case. Which it isn't, upon opening it it is seen to be a bass clarinet. One of my parents' friends was getting rid of it or something, either way it was being cast off. And it was also assumed to be a saxophone, and as such first dibs went to me, the saxophone guy. Of course it's not a saxophone, but I may make an attempt to play nonetheless. As Bass Clarinet has less of a killer embouchure than soprano clarinet. So hey, why not try.

And now on to the science portion of my life. Which is to say making paint.

Horrible paint. It can be glossy and viscous, or glossless and viscless. Of course the goal is glossy and viscless. Scott almost immediately blamed the Halox. Om was more scientific and wanted to try a number of variations. And as the intern I got to do all the legwork... uh... paintwork. 9 test batches and panels later we have an answer. We were also out of the paint we were testing. So it was time to make a new batch of it. Which actually came out particularly well. Partially because it went together in a nice fashion, but also because the test batches made from it more or less did what was expected of them. It has indeed been nice to get a lot of hours in this break. Partially because of the increased badassness it will bring to my paychecks, and partially because it gives me something to do with my time. Sticking around the house all day is nice on occasion, but it does start to grate a bit. Also I actually enjoy work. Everytime I've had a lengthy break from it I've felt a "I don't want to work" urge. But then I actually get there and I don't mind being there. It's a good experience I think.

Also the solvents really clear and your sinuses, and probably does more than that. There's the wild fun of fishsauce in a can. And the sticky bastard resin kegs. Sticks to everything, especially me. I go through an ungodly number of nitrile gloves in a day. I don't think it's an exageration to say that the number is 10 pairs. You get them covered in paint, or resin. Well clean them off. How do you clean such things off? Why solvents of course. And appropriately enough solvents also dissolve nitrile gloves. And possibly skin or at least they do something bad, so I think I'll keep my disposable outer layers.
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Yeah, that's not good either [Dec. 19th, 2005|10:32 pm]
The Perpetual Second
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[music |They Might Be Giants "See the Constellation"]

Again an immense hiatus has occurred. This seems to happen fairly regularly of late, and mostly it's because I'm lazy. Though lately there's been a certain amount of busy as well. But now it's break, and though I'm working many hours a day (8.25 today) at Valspar, the socializing and homeworking has decreased enough to make an entry a more likely use of my time.

Or someone told me to update, I forget both who and when, but I know it happened between October and now.

Right now, the big deal is that I fixed my internet. In late summer my internet here at home decided to stop working. For no apparent reason. Therefore tonight I went to Best Buy armed with my well-gotten cash, and remodemed myself. Then reconfigured everything. And now... I'm a netbum again.

The best practical upshot of this is that I'm not beholden to the phone for communicating with the woman friend. I don't really like using the phone. Mostly because when on the phone I find myself unable to do anything besides talk on the phone. Which isn't to say that I won't call Christina some more over the course of this break, I'm just saying that that's not my only route of communication.

Other developments of late include the acquisition of Pawnshop the tenor. It's a $140 tenor sax from a pawnshop, and I sound not half bad on it. I think I'm still essentially a Bari player, but now I have the core family of saxophones... in varying levels of quality (Nightstand the soprano is kinda, which is to say particularly, lousy). And more than that, I'm trying out the Manny Lopez Bari. Can't hurt to have a back-up for a rarish/expensive horn. Aside from the Bundy key structure being a bit odd, it plays well.

And as was mentioned earlier, I'm working real job hours now at Valspar. I actually rather enjoy my job there. During finals week I took off everyday but friday, and thursday night I was thinking "I don't want to work, jobs suck" but then when I'm actually there I rather enjoy myself. And defending my position against Keith on my lack of haircut. Plus the large paychecks looming in the near future are also a good motivator.

I'm sure I'll have more irrelevent to say later, but just be glad I'm saying anything at all.
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When you confuse the Summit with the Golf [Oct. 17th, 2005|12:30 am]
The Perpetual Second
[mood |goodgood]
[music |James Taylor "The Nearness of You"]

And after an extended absense, I finally get around to updating again.

And fitting with the subject line, I am now driving the Summit as opposed to the Golf. As the Golf is currently indisposed. It really needs an oil change. Seriously. I'd say it's been about a year. Even taking into account the fact that it wasn't driven for about two and half months last winter, it's still a little long. So I'm doing the car swap this evening when I stopped at home for laundered goods, and I get to thinking "You know Will, the Summit really is a lot better than the Golf." And for most accounts this is true. Summit: Better brakes, power steering, working tape deck, cheaper fuel at the moment (though the Golf last quite a bit longer between fuelings), I look less intensely scumassical when driving it, higher top speed. Nonetheless, the Golf is my car. While the first attempted teaching occurred in the Honda, the Golf was the first car in which I was halfway comfortable driving. The Honda sucked quite badly. And this was during my sophomore year of highschool in which the golf became my mode of transport. So it's seen me from Point A to Point B fairly reliably for a number of years. So I have some foolhardy emotional attachment to the Golf. It'll be my car until it's finally driven to its demise.

So what else has characterized the life of Will during this livejournalistic absense? School is yet to be the death of me, though it's obviously trying. Although I'm only taking 12 credits, they're all science class scams. Therefore I'm in class 16 hours (plus there's jazz band, but more on that later) and they aren't particularly easy classes. Physics II and PChem especially. Lots of fun fun fun calculus. On top of that, there's jobs. And oh are there jobs this year. I'm still a tutor (right now they're all Chem people, hottest of damns) still continuing in the labs as a continuation of this summer's grand works, but now, I'm also an intern in the Valspar R&D lab. So this year my monthly food, women, and drugs slush has effectively doubled (And there's more on that too). Of this also means I'm working 27 hours a week. And Valspar is on the Moline/East Moline border, giving me a good morning jaunt. It also means I wake up at 6:30. Not my finest hour. Given that it's not unheard of for my to be distracted by things until 2. In a regular manner. The lab is actually pretty cool though, even if it did force me to shave. But there's a number of relatively minor things I'd do for $10 an hour (although I am a better looker when bearded, really. This is a statement of relativity people.) And I have actually been making paint. I'm in the midst of three different projects at the moment, though a lot of the testing I don't do based on the amount of time I actually can be there. But that'll happen at some point. In the meantime there's much mixing and training to be done!

And now for the part you've all not been waiting for, Jazz Combos. With Frederick gone, it has been a much nicer working environment. No one particularly challenges my middling power and authority. And things are coming together for the concert. We've got five songs in some state of preparedness (and by November 4th they should all be just fine). Most notably is our final number Mushroom Hunting, which me and Ellen have been hacking at for the past month or so. Given that no actual sheet music is available for it, we've pretty much transcribed the whole thing. And it sounded alright last wednesday. There's still some fine tuning to be done, but it'll be fine. We've got two weeks. So if any of you are around the Quad Cities on November 4th. You should come to the concert at 7:30, it'll be good.

And the other thing which was to be embellished upon later was about my slush fund. But the expansion of that subject is something that for no particularly plausible reason. Anyway I'm sure most of you know about it in passing at least.

And so by request: Onward, my friends, to victory and glory for the thirtyninth.
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